Success Stories

Written by a female in her twenties:

As a young heroin addict in my twenties – I never saw myself quitting drugs. I really never saw a future for myself at all. I thought I’d die young. Thankfully through a beautiful series of events, including amazing people who pointed me in the right direction of TPRC I made a change. I called TRPC and spoke to the detox center multiple times before I finally made the solid decision to change my life. I went through the 7- day detox program with the help of really caring, non- judgmental, people. Detoxing was not easy, but once I committed, there was no turning back. I made it through, not only because I wanted it, but because when I checked in everyday, the detox staff made me feel safe and comfortable, encouraging me the whole time through my detox.

After detox, I got to join the IOP, Focused Recovery, where I was welcomed with a smile by the staff. They showed me around the office and told me how the program works. I’ve been in this program for almost 3 months and honestly I really look forward to coming in each time. My first day I was nervous but the group is just like a little family, and I felt so safe when I heard people in the group being so honest and raw, it made me feel like I could tell my story without shame or receiving judgement. We keep each other accountable and support each other without a second thought. Everyone in the group is here for the same reason connecting us on a different level. The entire staff is here to support me and have shown me nothing but support through my entire recovery. I’m indebted and so grateful for what this program, the whole staff, the owner, and my fellow group members have done for my life. Thank you all for helping me change my life.