Alcohol Detox


Chronic, excessive drinking can lead to physiological tolerance and dependence on alcohol. When this dependency exists, a person will need medical detoxification to safely stop drinking or the risk of serious consequences can occur. Events such as seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), or death are all possible outcomes of alcohol withdrawals that are not medically managed.

Unfortunately, people who are suffering from alcohol dependence often do not realize just how strongly their bodies and minds have come to rely on alcohol until they attempt to cut back or quit drinking. It is an awful situation for everyone involved, especially if the drinker attempting to quit has to have an ambulance called or simply must start drinking again. There is another way to end the destructive hold of alcohol and start anew.

Detox is a period of recovery where the body is safely withdrawn from alcohol use. The goal of alcohol detoxification is to manage symptoms of withdrawal, to prevent serious effects, and to create a safe transition to further therapeutic treatment. With a successful detox, a client can move towards maintaining long-term sobriety and recovery.

We have two major goals concerning alcohol detox treatment. First, we strive to provide effective outpatient and inpatient detox in a safe and supportive manner. Secondly, after detox, we connect clients with treatment resources at the most appropriate level of care for their particular needs. Sometimes, this is further residential care and sometimes a client is ready for an outpatient setting as soon as they are done with detox. From the earliest moment, we engage and prepare clients for transitions to support long-term recovery.

There are some alcohol detox facilities that take the approach of maximum sedation using standardized drugs and dosing. At Turning Point, we use a more individualized approach based on what is best for each client, usually with the least amount of medication over the least amount of time as medically necessary. After a short-term detox, we recommend Vivitrol for many of our clients. Vivitrol is an extremely effective medication that lasts for 28 days and helps block further cravings for alcohol.

You may have your choice of alcohol detox centers but if you compare facilities and philosophies, you will realize there is only one choice if you want the best care and best chance of success. Turning Point gives you both inpatient and outpatient alcohol detox options and ensures the right continuing care. Call us today.